Residential Servicing

At Lakes Heating & Cooling our primary goal is to maximise your comfort level all year round. As part of this commitment we offer affordable inspections, servicing and maintenance proposals that protect the performance and longevity of your home or business investment.

Benefits of regular servicing & maintenance:

  • Licensed technicians to carry out repairs
  • Minimise future costly repairs and breakdowns
  • Return on your investment and equipment installed
  • Peace of mind
  • Clean air and comfort throughout your home

We will always aim to repair your system in the most economical and timely manner, especially where your comfort is concerned. Where the repair is not economical, we will offer you a customised quotation for a complete system changeover, which will save you more time and money in the long run.

So rest assured that when you install a system with us you will get the complete after sales service for ongoing maintenance. We will place you on our automatic calendar for a friendly reminder on annual servicing and call you when your system is due for a service, in line with the manufactures guidelines.