Gas Appliance Safety in accordance with Energy Safe Victoria (ESV)

Energy Safe Victoria (ESV) recommends gas appliances such as ducted heaters and space heaters be checked and serviced every 2 years by a qualified gas technician to ensure gas safety in all Victorian homes. If you are a landlord and own property that is tenanted – it is a legal requirement now that your gas heaters are serviced every 2 years.

Our trained technician will provide a comprehensive service including a full carbon monoxide test on all gas appliances we inspect to eliminate any potential risk caused by carbon monoxide leaks. Please call our office and book in your next carbon monoxide testing without delay, carbon monoxide (Co) is an odourless, colourless gas that can be produced by faulty and un-serviced gas heaters and can be fatal as it really is known as the “silent killer”. For more information visit Energy Safe Victoria

CALL 1300 553 226 to book in your carbon monoxide testing now…