Commercial Servicing

For all commercial clients we will provide you with a maintenance plan to ensure the investment is being maintained each quarter to maximise on your investment and comfort.

Without regular maintenance, your equipment loses about 5% of its original efficiency per year of operation. Studies show that regular maintenance not only protects the lifespan of your equipment, but also helps you recover lost efficiency. When you invest in an annual maintenance plan with us your equipment will retain up to 95% of its efficiency for years to come – provided of course that you continue with the upkeep of the servicing schedule. This will also provide you and your clients with comfort and flexible working environments.

In particular commercial maintenance will be carried out in accordance with the following:
[A] AS 1668.2 – Mechanical Ventilation of buildings
[B] AS1668.4 – Natural Ventilation of buildings
[C] Occupational Health & Safety Act and Regulations
[D] Manufacturer Guidelines located in the user manuals

For a full comprehensive maintenance program at your office, retail or commercial premises please call and speak to our team in Service Department for an obligation free inspection and quote.