At Lakes Heating & Cooling our primary goal is to maximise your comfort level all year round. As part of this commitment we offer affordable inspections, servicing and maintenance agreements that protect the performance and longevity of your home or business investment.

Our in-house service department with trained and licensed technicians will carry out repairs and or make diagnosis on breakdowns on all major brands and products. We will place you on our service mailing list and send you a reminder of when your next visit is due – recommended at least every 2 years in accordance with the manufacturer guidelines.

Without regular maintenance, your equipment loses about 5% of its original efficiency per year of operation. Studies show that regular maintenance not only protects the lifespan of your equipment, but also helps you recover lost efficiency. When you invest in an annual maintenance plan with us your equipment will retain up to 95% of its efficiency for years to come – provided of course that you continue with the upkeep of the servicing schedule. Quite quickly you will see that your small maintenance investment will be recovered with reduced energy savings and long term repair or breakdown costs!