Hi-Wall Split Systems

Hi wall split systems are run through inverter technology, providing both heating and cooling in one system. An inverter system gently increases and decreases power, allowing it to reach set temperatures quickly and maintain it, meaning uninterrupted comfort in your home. There are two parts to a split system – hence its name. One part is installed outside of your home, known as the condenser, and the other part is connected to the inside wall mounted unit, which dispenses either cool or warm air into your home.

Inverter systems include variable speed drive in the motor system that adjusts to match the air conditioning requirements. This means it can run more efficiently than a conventional fixed speed air conditioner.

With so many brands and products on the market – you can be sure to find one with a slim design to suit your internal aesthetics and budget. Operation is usually via a wireless controller that will be mounted on the wall with an easy to use LCD screen depending on the model you select.

Benefits & Features:

  • Enhanced comfort control
  • Even air distribution – air is directed horizontally during cooling & downwards in heating
  • Active carbon filter – to deactivate harmful chemical gases
  • Most systems can operate in a “turbo” mode which allows you to achieve the desired temperature quicker
  • Auto functions mean that if the power supply is interrupted at any point that it will automatically resume operation (best to check the models before buying)

Inverter Technology

The term “inverter” technology with split reverse cycle systems means that they have been built with advanced and innovative technology to be more powerful and energy efficient than conventional non-inverter models. Conventional air conditioners operate at a fixed speed – all the time, meaning they are using the same amount of energy while operating. An inverter model operates more intelligently which adjusts the temperature to suit actual requirements. The system works by adjusting the cooling and heating output in accordance with the temperature in the room. When the desired temperature is reached, inverter technology ensures it is constantly maintained – keeping you comfortable at the same time as running more efficiently.

Another feature and benefit of an inverter model is that the fan motor in the system generates more power while consuming less energy compared to the equivalent conventional AC motors. This not only results in maximum efficiency and lower running costs, but also minimises the amount of heat wasted from the fan motor in the cooling cycle thereby optimising the overall efficiency of the system.

Before you decide to buy ensure that you explore the inverter range, as a little more in the initial investment could save you a lot more in long term running costs.