Gas Ducted Heating

Gas Heating is the preferred option for consumers when considering a new heating system. Basically how it works is the system will draw air form the inside of your home into a return air grille and into your heater where it is warmed. The warm air is then distributed to each room in your home, through installed outlets, which can be situated on the floor or ceiling depending on your home and area being heated. Outlets or vents function most efficiently when located around the perimeter of the home to warm your space thoroughly.

Our aim is to keep you wonderfully warm whatever the weather brings. A gas ducted heater will economically and effortlessly heat the whole home or a single room without losing capacity, even on those coldest mornings.

There are many brands and models available to suit your requirements and ultimately your budget.

A brand that we like to install and recommend is the Brivis – an Australian product that makes heaters ranging from 3 to 6 stars. Design innovation and manufacturing excellence has kept Brivis at the forefront of the heating and cooling industry. The StarPro 6 Star – is a new range of heater and has a very impressive 6 star energy efficiency rating which has been engineered and designed to use less gas than traditional gas ducted heaters. Worth considering if you are looking at installing a premium product for your home.

Now if the top of the range is not an option for you then don’t be too concerned. There is a 5 star non-condensing range of gas ducted heaters also on the market that can deliver excellent efficiency while using less gas to heat your home. Typically a non-condensing Ducted Gas Heater makes the system easier and faster to install, making it a great option for a new installation or to replace your old heater – meaning lower installation costs for you and a smoother and quicker installation for us.

Our sales engineers will upon inspection of your home or your floor plans if you are at construction stage offer you the most practical option available to suit your needs and ultimately your budget.

Benefits & Features:

  • All year round whole home comfort
  • Up to 6 star energy ratings mean savings on consumption
  • Affordable & suits most applications
  • Extended warranties offered through the manufacturers

Zones & Controls
When making an investment of this nature it is also important to consider the right controls and if zoning is an option. For the ultimate in comfort control and energy savings, a zone system can be added to your heating or heating and air conditioning system to efficiently manage the load where it’s needed the most.

Benefits and features of multi point zoning include:

  • Heating all or only one room at a time
  • Each zone will have its own controller
  • Allows for individual temperature to each zoned area
  • Enables maximum energy savings to you on your investment
  • Improved customer control and user satisfaction