Evaporative Cooling

Evaporative Cooling uses a central unit, which is connected to a series of outlets throughout your home. The unit draws air from outside of your home, passing it through the filter pads where the air is cooled down and distributed to each room in your home. It provides the home with natural fresh air, as the air is refreshed every few minutes when it is in use. Evaporative cooling is often described as a having a cool, refreshing sea breeze in your home.

Put simply, evaporative cooling is probably the most natural method of cooling, using only air and water to cool air through the simple process of evaporation of water.

Compared to refrigerated air conditioning, the result is cheaper, fresher and completely natural air. Best of all, it keeps your home naturally cool even with your doors and windows open, which is great for enjoying the summer in alfresco style.

Benefits & Features

  • Up to 50% cheaper to install than comparable capacity refrigerated systems
  • Seven times cheaper to run than comparable refrigerated cooling systems
  • Healthy way to cool your home
  • The air inside your home is not re-circulated
  • As hot air is pushed out of the home, doors can be left open, being ideal for alfresco living
  • Uses less electricity than other forms of cooling so it is kinder to our environment as its greenhouse gas contribution is much lower

Depending on the type of controller you have installed with your evaporative cooling, a programmable type control can operate in either auto or manual mode. In full auto mode it will detect the surrounding environment and adjust the fan speed and cooling power as required to achieve ultimate comfort at the lowest running cost. Ask us for more information before you buy.

These days there are many types of evaporative coolers on the market and our service to you is to find the right product for your needs. With advanced technologies, water saving options and innovative super quiet operation – we are sure that you will find an evaporative cooler that will be reliable and discreet.