Roof Top Packaged Systems

A rooftop packaged unit has been developed specifically to suit commercial applications and are designed for flexible and practical installation. It is always best to consider brands that have been designed in line to withstand the harsh Australian climate. In particular rooftop packaged systems are suited best to research facilities and factories which rely on temperature control for successful operation – where the system will offer precise control of airflow and temperature levels to maximise results and aid product quality. These units are combined with duct work – mainly sheet metal depending on the application to disperse the air through to zones for the designed area.

The main items to consider when choosing a roof top packaged unit or any commercial air conditioning equipment is full functionality to provide for:

  • Variable head pressure control for low ambient cooling
  • Self-diagnostic and error warning codes
  • 7 Day programmable timer thermostat controls
  • Load balancing operation
  • Auto changeover – so that the system can be configured to swap for each season without interference by others